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Oceanic Cable offers a variety of cable and internet services to Hawaii residents

Time Warner Oceanic is the cable TV and broadband (high speed) provider for Hawaii. Our blog offers locations to pay your bill, articles and “how to” tips on mobile internet, high speed internet, 4g, pay per view and much more. Please check back often as we update the website.
Time Warner Commercial

Below is the video of one of the commercials for Oceanic Cable in Hawaii.

Below is a survey that they mail out to their subscribers.
I thought I would post it and see what kind of feedback I get on the

So what do you think about their service? Are you satisfied?
Feel free to express your thoughts by commenting below.
Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, State of Hawaii, is currently in a renewal process for a possible new franchise agreement with the cable TV provider, Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. dba Oceanic Time Warner Cable (“Oceanic”) for the island of Oahu. Your comments and input are important to us in this process. We ask your help in completing this survey and sending it to the address below. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Survey from Oceanic Cable

Are you a current cable TV subscriber on Oahu?
__ Yes __ No
If yes, how long have you subscribed to cable TV?
__ 2 years or less __ More than 2 years
(If you are not a current cable TV subscriber on Oahu, go directly to question 10, Questions for Non-Subscribers)

a.) Have you experienced repeated or prolonged problems with your cable TV picture or sound (such as shadows, waves, graininess, outages, etc.) any time during the past 2 years?
__ Yes __ No
b.) If yes, did Oceanic resolve your problem to your satisfaction?
__ Yes __ No
c.) How would you rate overall, everyday quality of your cable TV reception? (Please check only one.)
__ Very Good __ Good __ Fair __ Poor __ Very Poor

a.) Have you attempted to call Oceanic in the last two years?
__ Yes __ No
(If no, go directly to question 4, Web & E-mail Contact)
b.) When you last tried to call Oceanic, did you get a busy signal?
__ Yes __ No
c.) Once connected, how long did you have to wait before you actually spoke with a live customer service representative?
__ No wait at all
__ Less than 30 seconds
__ 30-60 seconds
__ More than a minute
__ I was never connected

a.) In the past two years, have you used the “Help Desk” feature on Oceanic’s website to contact the company for cable television customer service issues?
__ Yes __ No
(If no, go directly to question 5, Service)
b.) On average, how many business days was it before you received an e-mail response from Oceanic?
__ One __ Two __ Three __ More than three __ Never heard back
c.) How would you rate the overall effectiveness of Oceanic’s response to your issue(s) via the web/email Help Desk service?
__ Very Good __ Good __ Fair __ Poor __ Very Poor

a.) In the past two years, has a service technician visited your home to make a repair or to correct a problem?
__ Yes __ No
(If no, go directly to question 6, Billing)
b.) What was the problem?
__ No picture (or no sound) at all
__ Poor quality reception
__ Other (please specify): __________________________
c.) Were you offered an appointment at a specific time or at least within a 4-hour period of the business day?
__Yes __ No
d.) Did Oceanic keep the scheduled appointment?
__Yes __ No
e.) How many visits to your home did it take for the service technician to make the repair or correct the problem? (Please check only one.)
__ One __Two __Three __ More than three __ Problem was never corrected 2

a.) Do you find your bills from Oceanic Cable to be clear, concise, and understandable?
__ Yes __ No
b.) Do you find your bills from Oceanic Cable to contain all information reasonably necessary to indicate what you are being charged for?
__ Yes __ No
c.) Have you had a billing problem in the past two years?
__ Yes __ No
(If no, go directly to Question 7, Courtesy)
If yes, how would you rate Oceanic’s handling of your billing problem?
__ Very Good __ Good __ Fair __ Poor __ Very Poor
__ Complaint never resolved

In your telephone and in-person contacts with Oceanic, how would you describe the courtesy with which you were treated?
__ Very Good __ Good __ Fair __ Poor __ Very Poor

How would you rate the performance of Oceanic overall?
__ Very Good __ Good __ Fair __ Poor __ Very Poor

Of the following service providers, which would you rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for overall service and performance (with 1st being the best)? (Answer if you are a cable TV subscriber or have been one previously.)
Cable TV Co. ____ Telephone Co. ____ Electric Co.____

a.) Why don’t you subscribe to cable TV?
__ Don’t watch much TV
__ Cable TV is too expensive
__ Cable TV programs not interesting to me
__ Used to subscribe, but unhappy with the service
__ Subscribe to DBS service (Dish Network or Directv)
__ Other (Please specify)
b.) What would motivate you to subscribe to cable TV in the future (check all that applies)?
__ Lower rates
__ More variety of service packages
__ Better company customer service policies
__ Ability to get line extended to residence
__ Other (Please specify) ___________________________________________________________

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